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In 2021 36% of high school students in Connecticut reported

feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks. 

2019 Young Adult Statewide Survey (18 - 25)

  • 90% of respondents reported feeling very anxious, nervous, tense, scared, panicked, or like something bad was going to happen.

  • 47% reported feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for 2 weeks in a row, so that it interfered with work, life, or relationship.

  • 13% reported a suicide attempt while 19% reported having a plan.

  • 48% use substances to cope with mental health issues

  • 14% of those surveyed reported using prescription drugs non-medically within their lifetime; 6% reported use in the past month.  

  • Only 46% reported getting mental health help in the last year. 


2021 Connecticut High School Health Survey

  • 28.5% reported their mental health was not good most of the time.

    • 40.5% of females and 16.4% of males

  • 18% of students reported purposely hurting themselves (i.e. cutting, burning) without wanting to die.

  • 35.6% of students reported feeling sad or hopeless

  • 14.1% considered suicide; 5.9% made a suicide attempt

  • Only 22.3% of those who felt sad or hopeless got help.


Candy Cotton

Half of all lifetime mental health conditions begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24.

Know the warning signs. Early intervention is critical.

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warning signs

  • Feels very sad, hopeless or irritable

  • Feels overly anxious or worried

  • Is scared and fearful; has frequent nightmares

  • Is excessively angry

  • Uses alcohol or drugs

  • Avoids people; wants to be alone all of the time

  • Hears voices or sees things that aren’t there

  • Can’t concentrate, sit still, or focus attention

  • Needs to wash, clean things, or perform certain rituals many times a day

  • Talks about suicide or death

  • Hurts other people or animals; or damages property

  • Has major changes in eating or sleeping habits

  • Loses interest in friends or things usually enjoyed

  • Falls behind in school or earns lower grades

Source: Mental Health America


Concerned your child may be showing signs of a mental health condition?

Take this screening.

YOUTH (11 - 17):

Concerned you may have a mental health condition? Take this screening


Concerned you may have a mental health condition? Take a screening


Know the warning signs and reach out to one of the crisis hotlines below. If there is an immediate danger, call 911, 211 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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