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Drugs on Social Media


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How to Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate

You can verify whether an online retailer is authentic or not by using the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy's safe search tool.

8 Social Media Safety Tips

  1. Know all social media handles/display names your kids use and follow them. Monitor what they are doing and who their friends are. 

  2. Look for fake accounts. Some kids create accounts that are for their parents to see and share images and information on a separate account that they don't want parents to see. Learn more about "Finstas" (fake Instagram accounts) and what you can do.

  3. Tell kids not to add anyone they don't personally know. Don't add friends from the "people you may know" lists if you aren't friends with them in real life.

  4. Disable the "Quick Add" feature on Snapchat so random users don't add your kids to their friend list. If a stranger adds them, tell them it's ok to block that person.

  5. Adjust settings on phones to turn off location monitoring on social media apps and block content and apps that you don't want your kids accessing.

  6. Check browser history for any suspicious activity or concerning search terms.

  7. Monitor the mail for suspicious packages if you suspect drug use.

  8. Get familiar with common slang and hidden emoji meanings. Here is some common slang to know:

    • DOC Drug of Choice

    • PAL Parents are Listening

    • BRB Be Right Back

    • P911 Parent Alert

    • 420 Marijuana

    • KPC Keeping Parents Clueless


Parents, feel like it's hard to keep up with the latest social media trends? You aren't alone!

Here are some quick guides that give you the information you need to know to keep your kids safe on the popular social media apps they're using.

Want more information?

Check out these websites for additional safety tips.

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